ANNEX Definition

• A component that is added to something to improve it

• To attach, append, or add to something larger or important

• To join together materially : UNITE


The Annual Exchange 2018

The Annual Exchange UNITES the members and event networks of EWL Club, The Future in 15 Show, the Elevate Programme and the Event Marketers Association (EMA), and welcomes professionals from the wider event industry who are looking for something new and different.

The first event of its kind for UK Event Professionals, as an attendee YOU are at the centre of the educational and networking activity on the day, and that’s because YOU are the one to tell us the subjects most relevant and important to you and the topics you want to see delivered, the speakers and industry thought-leaders YOU want to hear from, and the people YOU would most like to meet.

You’ll receive your own personalised agenda in advance of the event based on the topics and content you request, with the event itself taking the following format:

Innovation Suite; featuring event industry expert and thought-leader panels on the latest innovations and hot topics

Knowledge Suites; featuring open campfire debates and knowledge sharing on topical issues with your industry peers and colleagues

Mentoring Lounge; have a business challenge? Sit down with an industry expert and mentor for impartial help and advice

Networking Lounge; agency & freelancer hour, venue hour, supplier hour, event hour and marketing hour, attend the networking hour of most value to you with refreshments on tap

Wellbeing Lounge; an area to kick back and relax your mind between sessions, and pick up top tips from event and wellbeing experts

Rather than following a rigid and content heavy agenda you’ll have the freedom to drop in and out of sessions that are right for you and your business, and this is the first event where YOUR experience will be personalised to both YOUR business and YOUR personal development needs.